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The importance of Vehicle Mobile DVR frame rate for video quality

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When choosing #MDVR, we often pay attention to whether the video compression format is #H264 or #H265, and as long as the two are different, it is clear which one is better.


But when they are both H.265 or H.264, it is difficult for people to distinguish, the same standard, the price is very different. How do we need to be better at distinguishing? There is an important indicator for this, and it is the frame rate.

The size of the frame rate can fully explain the hardware level of MDVR. The better the hardware, the more stable the operation. On the contrary, if the hardware is insufficient, the usual practice is to reduce the video frame rate.

 HD1080P vehicle mobile car DVR

At present, H.265 #VehicleDVR #MobileDVR on the market has 7 frames/8 frames/10 frames/12 frames/15 frames/25 frames/30 frames.

The size of the frame rate also directly determines the quality of the #video.


Therefore, when purchasing an#CarDVR, please use the frame rate as an important reference indicator.

 8CH h265 4K Vehicle mobile DVR & Hd1080P MDVR

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