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The role of the TAXI vehicle video surveillance system

Taxis are an important part of people's transportation and urban transportation system. However, with the development of the taxi industry, more and more problems have emerged. Vehicles are stolen, robbed, robbed, disputes between drivers and passengers, and personal safety cannot be guaranteed. Vehicle scheduling is scattered, business management is chaotic, the service level is poor, etc., a set of efficient taxi video surveillance management system is very effective in preventing and deterring various illegal and criminal activities of taxis, protecting the safety of drivers and passengers, and vehicle safety At the same time, it also helps enterprises to dispatch vehicle operations more intuitively and intelligently.


The vast majority of video surveillance systems on the market monitor the interior of the vehicle or monitor the interior and the front of the vehicle. Then the scope of monitoring is very limited, and it does not achieve the effect of whole-vehicle monitoring.


Our newly developed 360-degree panoramic vehicle interior and exterior video surveillance system. A four-channel panoramic monitoring system consisting of a 180-degree full HD 1080P Vehicle camera inside the car and three 180-degree full HD 1080P car cameras outside the car can also achieve real-time GPS positioning, 3G/4G real-time remote video monitoring, and two-way voice pairs speak. The back-end management staff can talk to the taxi driver in real-time and dispatch vehicles reasonably.

It should be said that an efficient video surveillance system for taxis can benefit all three parties: companies, drivers, and passengers. The personal and property safety of all parties is well protected.


The role of the vehicle video surveillance system:

1. Facilitate on-site investigation of traffic accidents

2. Facilitate evidence collection for violent crimes (carjacking, blackmail)

3. Facilitate company vehicle management

4. It is convenient to prevent the vehicle from scratching, smashing, and locking the vehicle

5. It is convenient for driving to merge lanes and change lanes and reversing to assist in driving



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