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Why can't the H.265 4K mobile vehicle car DVR recognize the SSD/HDD/SD card (referred to as the storage medium)?

For Mobile Vehicle Car DVR , the storage medium is from SD card to hard disk to solid state hard disk. In the process of using, there will often be unrecognized problems. When the early MDVR system functions were not perfect, the system could not automatically detect and identify whether the storage medium was damaged. During use, if you do not pay attention to the inspection, once you need to query the recording, the recording file cannot be found, and the loss caused cannot be recovered. . Therefore, during use, check the working condition of the equipment regularly.

With the development and continuous updating of technology, the MDVR system is becoming more and more intelligent. Today we will talk about the most advanced H.265 video compression Mobile Vehicle Car DVR . When it cannot identify some common problems with disks, it will detect Ways, treatment methods.


Problem description: After the Mobile Vehicle Car DVR is powered on, the monitor screen displays: Can't find the disk?

Problem analysis and handling methods:

1) Check and confirm whether the storage medium is good or bad?


Insert the SSD/HDD/SD card to the corresponding position, turn on the MDVR startup switch, the system will automatically run detection to find the SSD/HDD/SD card, if the SSD/HDD/SD card has not been formatted, the system will prompt the formatting operation; formatting When finished, the video recording function will be turned on automatically. As shown in Figure 1:


When it is found that the system repeatedly prompts to format, it means that the SSD/HDD/SD card has a problem and may be damaged. You should replace it with a new SSD/HDD/SD card in time. As shown in Figure-2:


2) Check if the SSD/HDD/SD card is installed in the standard position


When you insert the SSD/HDD/SD card, you can clearly feel the mechanical lock inside the MDVR, and the crisp click sound "clicks", indicating that the installation is in place. You can also use the one-key button on the front panel to unlock to confirm whether the SSD/HDD is installed in place, as shown in Figure 5.


3) Through the MDVR front panel, you can clearly see when a large part of it is exposed, as shown in Figure 3.

4) Through the one-button switch position on the MDVR front panel, if the button switch is in the middle position, as shown in Figure 4

The above two phenomena indicate that the hard disk is not installed in place.

Solution: It should be inserted in place, you hear the lock sound, and at the same time you see that the one-button switch is completely located on the right side. As shown in Figure 5


The system just prompts: Can't find the disk? As shown in the figure 6 below: It means that the MDVR system does not find the SSD/HDD/SD card, and it should be inserted in the standard installation position in time.



5) The most advanced video compression technology of H.265 makes the Mobile Vehicle Car DVR easier to operate and intelligent, and at the same time, the compatibility of the storage medium is also better. However, whether all storage media are fully compatible, there must be differences between various manufacturers, due to technical strength, production costs and other reasons. Our latest Mobile Vehicle Car DVR has passed our actual measurement and user feedback, and is currently compatible with most storage media on the market. Please enjoy the test video:


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