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Sales NO-1-Raptor F150 installed the world's most advanced h265 4K vehicle DVR HD1080P camera system

#NorthAmerican sales champion #Raptor #F150 installed the world's most advanced #H265 #4K Vehicle DVR HD #1080P camera CCTV system.

#MZTIND, serve the world from #Shenzhen. Here is the world's first smallest #4K car DVR with anti-theft and anti-shock function. Please note that it is an #h265 MDVR with anti-theft, anti-vibration, and anti-violence functions. Moreover, it is the latest #video compression coding, #4K picture quality #car HDD video recorder, which adopts an all-alloy shell, oxidation treatment, panel drawing, laser engraving, and other advanced production processes. The system has intelligent power management, power failure, short circuit protection, supercapacitor protection, and independent circuit design to ensure the safety of all power supplies for #4K car video recorders#car cameras#HDD, and other extended accessories.

Powerful hardware configuration, whether it is #1080P or #4k image quality to ensure stable and smooth playback, smoothness as smooth as silk oil. It can play back 1/4/8 channels at the same time, providing accelerated playback 2/4/8/16/32 times the playback speed.
No matter before, during, or after the #COIVD epidemic, we consistently provide the most professional services for global #vehicle safety.
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