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The difference between waterproof grade IP69 and IP69K

1. Application areas:

IP69 for equipment such as control panels or electrical equipment installed in areas that require cleaning (pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial food packaging)

IP69K is used for electrical equipment installed on road vehicles. The IP69K test is designed to verify that electrical equipment installed in road vehicles can withstand the harsh wash of a pressure washer.

2. Detection standard

IP69 is IEC 60529 – Degree of Protection Provided to Enclosures.

IP69K is ISO 20653 – Degree of Protection for Electrical Equipment of Road Vehicles

3. Power and water detection

The IP69 test calls for measuring the force of the water jet in the water test

The IP69K test requires that the pressure of the water jet be measured in the water test

When choosing a car camera, you should not only choose a camera with a higher standard of protection, but also choose a camera that meets the standard of use.

As a camera used in a vehicle, there are several factors. The camera works for a long time, and the camera will generate a certain amount of heat during operation. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, rain, dust, etc. will cause the camera to malfunction. Therefore, the higher the protection level, the better the protection of the camera and the reduction of failures.

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