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Advantages of multi-channel camera system (h265 4K Mobile DVR Cameras CCTV system) and driving recorder


Every day the vehicles driving on the road have an accident, and the cost of the accident to enterprises and individuals is heavy. How to effectively reduce and control the probability of occurrence, with the help of advanced technology products-multi-channel camera video surveillance system (H.265 4K Mobile Digital Video Recorder cameras SYSTEM)

 In many cases, the single driving recorder of the vehicle is not comprehensive in the accident record, and it is single. Therefore, the demand for the multi-channel camera monitoring system is becoming stronger and stronger. For ordinary vehicles, the hd1080p front camera, the HD1080P rear camera, and the side camera are very comprehensive. No matter what happens in any direction, you can record the picture completely and clearly. But what about passenger cars and commercial vehicles? Perhaps more cameras are needed to complete it.

 For example, in addition to buses, school buses, coaches, and other vehicles, the camera installed inside the car box also needs to install a reversing camera outside the car body. Side camera, and camera with front driving picture. We specially provide 4K 8-channel Vehicle DVR closed-circuit monitoring system. The h.265 8-channel Mobile DVRsystem can also be used in trucks, refrigerated trucks, tank trucks, etc. Whether it is a h.265 4-channel vehicle camera or an 8-channel car hard disk video recorder, and a professional video surveillance system composed of high-definition cameras, the purpose is only one, to protect the safety of vehicles, personnel, and property, provide video evidence for accidents, and restore the truth. 

If you are in trouble for fleet safety road safety vehicle safety, please contact us through the following ways. We provide you with the most professional services and the highest quality vehicle security products, because we are the manufacturer of H.265 4K MDVR MANUFACTURER & VEHICLE MOBILE VIDEO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SOLUTIONS PROVIDER



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