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How to strengthen the security protection of video data after illegal power failure of MDVR camera system

At present, when a vehicle with an on-board DVR camera system is installed, in the event of an accident, there are the following situations:

1. MDVR with built-in super capacitor (our MDVR comes with 5 seconds), it will take 2 to 5 seconds to pack video data. Confirming the integrity of the data packet, this way, can not record the process of the accident (that is, the momentary picture of the accident process), and the shortcomings cannot be recorded to the integrity of the event.

2. External protection power supply, to protect the MDVR system, it can pack the video files when the power is off to protect the video data from being lost.

3. Use external UPS backup power supply. Usually this method can ensure the normal operation of the DVR camera system for about 30 minutes. It is also the longest sustainable power supply so far. Disadvantages: long charging time (5~6 hours), in addition, for vehicle accidents, it does not need such a long time.

4. That is, the super capacitor group (the latest development of our company) is fully charged in about 5 seconds, and can continuously supply power to the MDVR camera system for 30 to 60 seconds. We all know that when a vehicle accident occurs, if our MDVR camera system , it can continue to run for 30 to 60 seconds, and the entire process of the event can be recorded completely and comprehensively (that is, the whole process of the vehicle before, during and after the event). It can provide favorable and comprehensive evidence for insurance companies and traffic management departments.

Choose a way that better suits your vehicle needs and enhance the data security of your fleet's MDVR camera system.
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