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How do Chinese factories produce car cameras? HD 1080P vehicle camera, 360 fisheye camera


How do Chinese factories produce #carcameras? HD 1080P #vehiclecamera, #360fisheyecamera A car camera from design to the finished process. It seems very mysterious, and we will unveil this veil for everyone today. From the first draft to the final design, at least thousands of revisions are required to start the mold opening and proofing. The mold opening also needs to be revised several times before it can become a large-scale mold. Chip design, debugging, and then finished product waterproofing, heat dissipation, and other tests. This complete process takes at least 6-12 months. Therefore, a good car camera needs a longer time to continue to improve. And any link is the last thing many factories want to let others see. We are afraid of plagiarism. In fact, we are also afraid, but there is no way. What can be plagiarized will always be our appearance. The true inner quality cannot be copied by others. We insist on only creating and producing products with our own technology. Make a Vehicle camera with soul quality sales@chejingtong.com https://chejingtong.com

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