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  • H.265 4K MDVR Full HD1080P 4Channel vehicle DVR patented product
  • H.265 4K MDVR Full HD1080P 4Channel vehicle DVR patented product
H.265 4K MDVR Full HD1080P 4Channel vehicle DVR patented productH.265 4K MDVR Full HD1080P 4Channel vehicle DVR patented product

H.265 4K MDVR Full HD1080P 4Channel vehicle DVR patented product

  • MCSSD1280
  • MCSSD1280WJ
  • MCSSD1280SJ
  • Product description: H265 4K MDVR HD1080P car video recorder Vehicle DVR mobile dvr 4 channel H.265 Full HD1080P SSD MDVR patented product solid state drive mobile digital video recorder WIFI 1080P High Definition Veh

H265 4K MDVR's cameras system & HD1080P car video recorder &4 channel Vehicle DVR with 4G & 8 channel Mobile DVR with GPS and wifi

Product characteristics:

♠1.The latest standard H.265 High Profile Compression ,motion adaptive dynamic stream. 

♠2.Real-time 4-CH or 8-CH 1080P, (Each channel)PAL -25Frame/s, (Each channel)NTSC -30 Frame/s. 

♠3.Support real-time local monitoring, 3G/4G ,wifi OR RJ45 can be real-time remote monitoring,remote dialogue. 

♠4.Supporting intelligent power management to ensure that the automotive power supply is safe to start. 

♠5 Supporting illegal power failure to protect video files and  ensure the integrity of the video. 

♠6 Supporting short circuit protection and removing short circuit fault intelligent reset. 

♠7 Support infrared extension operation, mouse operation and video indicator plug-in. 

♠8 Unique anti-seismic design structure,Quick installation .

♠9 Supports all 2.5-inch SATA SSD solid-state drives. 

♠10 Support a variety of video recording methods, automatic continuous video recording,open the door trigger video recording, timing video recording.

♠11 Supporting 1, 4 and 8 routes to play back 1-32 speeds at the same time on the equipment. 

♠12 Supports wide voltage input and can work steadily in the range of 9V to 36V DC. 

♠13 The equipment shell is made of alloy material, which can prevent aging,interference and combustion. 

♠14 The power input port and video input and output port of the equipment are all air-head, and the interface is stronger and more reliable.Fault-proof interface. 

♠15 Support two kinds of video transmission VGA, CVBS, and can be used at the same time. 

♠16 Automatic Lock Disk Installation Technology, One-click Disk Removal, Fast and Convenient. 

♠17 Anti-theft basket design, both anti-theft and anti-pull wire and play a role in heat dissipation.

♠18 Small size, light weight, simple and convenient installation.

♠19 Patent products, counterfeiting must be investigated.

More applications for H.265 4K MDVR / HD1080P Mobile DVR/ Shockproof Vehilce DVR:

Bus, taxi, coach,  school bus, tour bus, private car, cargo truck, logistics truck, container truck, trailer, tractor, tanker, dump truck, mixer truck, garbage collector, sanitation truck, medical truck, ambulance, fire truck, station wagon, touring car, caravan, institutional car, financial escort vehicle, cash truck, engineering truck, tractor, bulldozer,  truck, tractor. Forklifts, cranes, rescue vehicles, police vehicles, military vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, escort vehicles, trains, subways, high-speed trains, ships, aircraft, base stations, mobile environments, etc.

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