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SD card car video recorder

H.264 4CH SD MDVR(2012 STOP)

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  • Product description: H.264 4CH SD MDVR

The DVR (Automotive) is a cost-effective, functional and scalable device designed for video surveillance of your mobile assets.  It uses a high-speed processor, an embedded Linux platform and combines the most advanced IT processes such as H.264 Video Compression/Decompression, 3G and GPS positioning technology. DVR enables CIF, HD1 and D1 video formats to record. The DVR can be record drivers' many driving information, such as driving route/speed/video/audio and others, recording data are uploaded to SD Memory Cards. A DVR centric software platform (CMS) can be realized with links to a Central Alarm monitoring system for remote management and playback analysis, It's make company or personal very easy to manage the vehicles. The DVR may look simple in its exterior design, provides powerful auto black box features, installation flexibility and high reliability.

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