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  •  HD Car camera 720P Camera
 HD Car camera 720P Camera

HD Car camera 720P Camera

  • MCK105
  • MCH106
  • Product description: HD Car camera HD 720P Camera AHDCamera

Product features

Millions of hd image sensor, hd 720P picture quality, effective resolution of 1280*800;

AHD 720P output, with digital wide dynamic, fog function, strong light suppression/motion detection/privacy masking, 2D/3D noise reduction and other functions;

Nextchip 2431H DSP, full color NTSC;

Aluminum alloy material, strict waterproof treatment;

Small size, easy to install, easy to debug the installation Angle;

Product parameters

Effective resolution 1280(H)*800(V)

Effective pixel 1.0m pixels

System standard NTSC

Day and night mode: full color

48 db or higher SNR

Minimum illumination 0.04LUX

Backlight compensation (BLC) AUTO

Automatic electronic shutter (AES) AUTO/ 1/50 (1/60) -1/100,000 SEC

Automatic white balance (AWB) AUTO

VIDEO output AHD VIDEO(720P)

Video video takes up 1min 32MB

Working voltage DC12V/75mA 6mA(wide voltage 9v-18v)

Work environment - 30 ℃ - 60 ℃

Video effects:


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