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  • How to the best 4 and 8 channel h.265 4K MDVR's HD1080P Mobile DVR
How to the best 4 and 8 channel h.265 4K MDVR's HD1080P Mobile DVR

How to the best 4 and 8 channel h.265 4K MDVR's HD1080P Mobile DVR

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  • Product description: 4/8 CH H.265 Full HD 1080P Mobile DVR 4G 1080P HD mobile hard disk recorder 4G H.265 HD Mobile hard disk recorder 4G 1080P HD Vehicle hard disk recorder WIFI 1080P HD Vehicle hard disk recorder

How to choose a best shockproof 8-channel H.265 4K HD car video recorder
When an accident occurs to a construction vehicle or a heavy truck, the consequences are very common. Because of this, a multi-channel video surveillance system with dual or multiple shock-proof functions can provide high-definition picture quality and complete video files.

Construction vehicles and heavy-duty trucks have brought tremendous help to the construction of cities. At the same time, people are seriously injured every year due to industrial construction vehicles or heavy-duty truck accidents. These vehicles are large in size, have many blind spots, and drive on urban roads. They are very unsafe for pedestrians. Now more and more vehicles are joining the ranks of installing video surveillance systems. The main reason is that on the one hand, video surveillance can supervise the behavior of the driver, help the driver monitor the blind area of the vehicle, and assist the vision to increase the safety factor, on the other hand, it can protect the favorable evidence of vehicle accident responsibility.

The current mainstream sales are still two-channel or four-channel camera monitoring systems. However, whether it is 2-channel or 4-channel, it seems that it has been unable to meet the video surveillance needs of construction vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Most of the 8-channel shockproof 4K Vehicle DVR control chips on the market have limited processing capabilities, slow running speed, stuttering, crashes, etc., and they are expensive and unstable.

From the perspective of production:
8 channels, higher requirements for the main control chip, stronger computing power, simultaneous processing of 8 channels of video data, and greater power supply capacity, while providing power for 8 high-definition cameras, heat dissipation capacity and other considerations .

There are not many manufacturers of H.264 car hard disk video recorders in the market. The main reason is that as we mentioned earlier, the technical requirements are very high. If you do not have the ability to control, you are generally unwilling to produce.

H.265 8-channel shockproof 4KMobile DVR, from the main control chip, running memory, power management, we have carried out the optimal processing. It solves a series of problems such as slow operation, unsmooth operation, and insufficient power supply. Use the latest HiSilicon’s latest generation main control chip, super powerful running memory, and three groups of intelligent optimized power management systems. Finally, 4 channels/8 channels high-definition 1080P fast (32 times) playback video function can be realized. MDVR's super powerful power supply capacity can drive 8 HD 1080P Vehicle cameras + HD car display + 2TB SSD/2TB HDD. The four-point suspension shock absorption technology of the host and the shock absorption technology of the hard disk box. The smooth operation of MDVR is well protected. Extend the service life of hard disk and host.

Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing an 8-channel car video recorder:
1) Power management capability
2) Replay operation capability
3) Protection ability of video data (short circuit, power failure, etc.)
4) The quality of shock resistance directly affects the life of the storage hard drive and the MDVR itself.

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